Offering personal and professional service in all aspects of sleep apnea from diagnosis through to hires and purchases and supplying all brands of machines and masks at discounted prices


The CPAP experts in Tasmania,offering Australia wide services and solutions CPAP Tasmania Sleep Centre is owned by Liz Lethborg


The CPAP experts in Tasmania, offering Australia wide services and solutions The term “sleep apnea” can be a very scary term and one that can bring


The CPAP experts in Tasmania, offering Australia wide services and solutions If you have a patient who you suspect may have sleep apnea,


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The CPAP experts in Tasmania,

offering Australia wide services and solutions

Thankfully for you here at CPAP Tasmania we understand and through home based sleep studies, there’s an easy inexpensive solution to your ongoing sleep apnea – CPAP therapy. Welcome to CPAP Tasmania, you can get professional and personal service as you embark on your CPAP journey. Please feel free to give us a call today – together, we can work on a tailored solution to help you with your ongoing sleep apnea, and help you improve your health and wellbeing.

Understanding and Supporting you through your journey

Sleep apnea can be a life changing condition. It changes how you feel each day, it can affect your quality of sleep and it can affect your family or significant other while they’re asleep around you. Sleep apnea requires specialised approaches to help minimise its impact over your life. Here at CPAP Tasmania I will support you along the way and help you regain control over your sleep apnea and get a better more fulfilling night’s sleep overall.

A wide range of products and CPAP machines

Here at CPAP Tasmania, I stock a diverse range of CPAP Machines, from a wide range
of specialised brands. They include Resmed, Philips, Fisher and Paykel, Apex, Transcend and Z1. When you call CPAP Tasmania, you will be given various options, including information on hiring or purchasing of a CPAP machine which includes an extensive treatment plan, including follow up calls and texts to check on your progress. I can provide a wealth of information about sleep apnoea, machines and masks and will help you choose which treatment plan is best, and when you are ready to buy, I can help guide your decision and offer discounted prices. Call today to find out more.

For more information about CPAP machines and sleep apnoea, just call me on 03 6331 9205